Are You Happy?

I have considered that this post will have an impression on those who read it, and so rather than jumping right in, I thought I would ramble on for a second so that if you are interested you will continue, if not, you will scroll on. 
Are you Happy? 

Do you know the cause of your state, happiness or unhappiness? Is this cause within your control, could you change it immediately and by doing so attain happiness? 
I learnt some years ago that one has the free will to choose how to react to a situation, and have control over their mental state; happy, angry, worried, agitated, excited, content, scared, focussed, peaceful, etc. 
Look at the example of the Dalai Lama, who is still with us. Mahatma Ghandi, George Gurdjieff, Franz Bardon, who are no longer with us. Have not these men, particularly the Dalai Lama who most of us will know, developed the skill of happiness?
Is it fair to say that happiness is a skill? Or true to say that one can be better or worse at being happy? An argument to these questions is often; “how can I be happy when this is occurring in my life?”.
No one can argue that there are many things in life to be unhappy about. Terrible disasters and darkness. But is this not the same for the Dalai Lama? Yet he still seems to have found peace and happiness, even though he is experiencing the same existence as us in the 21st century. This shows us that happiness is possible.
So, the Dalai Lama is skillfull at being happy!? Has he always been this skilled or did he learn to be so? 
From what little I know about the life of the Dalai Lama, I can say that he can’t of been happy when his country was invaded and he was exiled and made to live as a refugee. Or could he have been? Could an individual be happy in these circumstances. Are there happy Syrians who now have no home to go to? If there is one, or even a family unit, and I hope and pray that there is one, who still have faith regardless of their terrible circumstances. Then it is indeed possible regardless of ones circumstances. 
It is better to be happy, than to be unhappy. If you believe this as I do, know that you have every right to be happy, regardless of what you have experienced. If not, then I am sorry if this post may have offended you. 
I read a lecture, which in turn made me think of these subjects, which in turn made me create this post. 
And when I am for some reason unhappy, usually due to circumstance and the weight of the world at times. If I so happen to hear on a radio or on any other medium of sound the great, and I imagine very happy most of the time, Bob Marley’s beautiful song…..
“Don’t worry…. About a thing. Coz every little thing. Is gonna be alright….” 
My state usually transforms pretty quickly. Put it on, Mr. Marley knew what he was taking about.

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Autobiography of a Yogi

Free eBook for international yoga day! And not any ordinary book I will add. This is a spiritual classic! I have read it numerous times and continue to reference certain chapters. 

If you love you read you should give it a try. If your interested in the unseen world of incorporeal entities then you should read it. And if you would like more peace and happiness in your world, you should read it. Ultimately- download it and read it when you feel inclined. 
Anyone who had already read this great work, please feel free to leave a comment sharing your experiences with this book. Peace. 

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Material Suffering

I was born November 1983. Grew up, went to school and learnt many lessons in Harrow. Living in England (you can include any of the Western countries) I have had, so to say, a kingly upbringing. 

Not kingly in the sense of Princes Harry, William and the baby royals, but kingly in what the modern western world has to offer. Every night of my life I have had a warm meal, a roof over my head, warmth and safety. Many of you reading this will have experienced the exact same, if not very similar thing. 

There are too many countries to number who do not have the luxury of these things. Many of the inhabitants of these countries still find reasons to be happy in life. 

What is the requirement for happiness? What is your requirement? 

It most certainly is not the collection of material possesions, only to replace newly acquired stuff simply because there is a new model. There has never been as much relative material wealth in the world as there is today, but yet there has never been as much depression and anxiety. 

Surely the above goes to prove that being rich and owning many possesions is not a requirement to being happy. In fact it is often a hindrance to happy days. 

Jesus tells us: ‘it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to acquire the kingdom of Heaven’. 

So what is the requirement for your happiness? Ask the question inwardly. Whatever it is you come to, ask yourself can it come of itself, or does it depend on something external; someone or something? 

This will be a personal process to each of you. In my next blog I will talk about the practice of gratitude. This can be very helpful in finding peace and happiness in all your days. Those following an Abrahamic faith (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) will be familiar with the phrase “Peace be with you” or some variation of these words. Let us look to come into the possession of this peace which all mystics have spoken of. 

My reasons for sharing this with you are twofold. Firstly, I attended a lecture where the speaker made it very clear (far clearer than I am able) that we have never had so much in life, yet we have never been so miserable and depressed. Secondly, some friends of mine recently visited El Savador to deleliver some missionary aid to some locals. Seeing the pictures they took of some of the living conditions they have to suffer, literally, a garden shed would be a welcome upgrade for many of those living in El Savador. 

Yet, among the pictures were smiling children, so pleased to have recieved a simple wooden toy. Smiling parents overjoyed at their child’s new found happiness. 

These two impressions together caused me to create this blog, so that at the very least you can be happy for what you have around you today. If we could all be grateful every day of our lives, we would be fulfilled! 

Please share your comments here on WordPress, or on Facebook or Twitter, wherever you encountered the link. Any input is appreciated. 

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The Process

It is often overlooked the process that goes into success. The processes of everything in life are  regularly not considered when we view the world around us. I have a couple of examples from my own life.

I am going through the process of getting contact lenses. This is a necessary step as I want them for sports. To be able to wear lenses there is a process which I have to go through; eye test, instruction, trial period, final analysis and finally purchase. This is not an issue as I really want to be able to wear contact lenses. Another example is getting married. Planning, preparation, more planning, all for one day that many people say will be over quicker than a flash. But this process is required to get married; ceremony, reception and all.

Let me offer another couple of examples we can all relate to. You see someone with a very attractive, athletic body, and the first thought is usually jealousy or resentment. ‘What a body, how lucky they are, I want a body like that, etc’. We never pause to think of the process that went into that body. Early AM gym sessions, cardio sessions, healthy eating plans when it would be easier to indulge on sweets. Let us bear this in mind the next time we would like to experience what someone else has.

Finally there are all the successful individuals in the main stream media; movie stars, sports stars, musicians, entrepreneurs, business CEO’s, the list is endless. These people went through a process, some very lengthy, grueling and often times unpleasant. 

Do you think these people regret the difficult process they went through to get where they are today? Do you think they begrudge themselves the easy life they could have had to have stayed where they were and always had been? NO! They had a dream, a vision, an aim and nothing was going to stop them from reaching that goal. 

I share this with you today because whether the aim is to get contact lenses, to make a cup of tea, to emigrate to another country, get the body/job/career you have always wanted. From the small and seemingly insignificant to the grand and dreamy, a process will have to be followed. 

Find that goal, plan and forsee the process required and don’t stop until you arrive! 

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Is there life out there?

This is a question that all of us must have thought of at some point in time. Is there life outside of this planet? There must be, right!? And the more our technology teaches us about life here on our own earth. In the sea, land and sky, the largest to the smallest, the more resonable it sounds. 

I will be writing this blog from the opinion that there is and must be life outside of this planet. Now you will either agree with me, or you will disagree with me. Those who agree this will strengthen your resolve. Those who disagree will have some more information to base your belief. 

Scientists, physicist, astronomers can all give us a very good idea and picture of the observable universe (not to mention the unobservable!). The individuals in these feilds estimate that there are some 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe. The Earth belongs to the Milky Way galaxy, which comprises approximately 300 billion stars, one of which is our own sun. In the entire observable universe there are thought to be a staggering billion trillion stars. 

This mental picture of the universe will give us some idea of its size and wonder, and that our solar-system is a very small part of it. 

We can speculate between ourselves how many of these stars may have planets capable of sustaining life. Or if life could ever be sustained, if that’s your standpoint. There is an interesting opinion based on logical deductive reasoning, put forth by noted science author Dr. Issac Asimov in his book ‘Extraterrestrial Civilizations’. He states:- 

“After all, the existence of intelligence is not a near-zero probability matter since we exist. And if it is nearly a near-zero probability, considering that near-zero probability for each of a billion trillion stars makes it almost certain that somewhere among them intelligent and even technological civilizations exist. If, for instance, the probability were only one in a billion that near a given star there existed a technological civilization, that would mean that in the universe as awhole, a trillion different such civilizations would exist.” 

It’s difficult to argue with logical deductive reasoning. But I’m certain that some will. Ask yourself, if you haven’t already, if the above quote is not logical and reasonable. 

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Fragments of Fragments

Have been trying to blog a little more regularly recently, try being the operative word. Looking over the categories of previous post’s it has been possible to re-evaluate and re-dedicate myself to a plan of action in regards moving forward. 

I will add here that these blogs are only fragments of fragments of knowledge, information, ideas and subjects. My reason for this is in the hope that someone finds something of interest to them and pursues it further. 

In the past I have blogged about Astrology, which since these blogs I have done an two level course which has broadened my understanding of the subject. I have blogged about Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, two men who have had a miraculous effect on my life and their ideas and examples have really inspired me. Harmonious Development is my Hypnotherapy business which is currently moving very slowly thanks to my two young children (Noah 2 1/2 & Hannah 9 months) which require much of my time and attention. 

Overlapping all of the above subjects is the inherent and unlimited power of the mind and a positive attitude! This is where I began my search and is where I continue to spend much of my time in study, but more importantly experience. Experience is essential in that it can’t be taken from you. Once you have experienced a thing it is yours and no-one or no-thing can take it from you. I can say that sugar is sweet. You can believe or disbelieve me. But once you taste a spoonful of sugar, your experience of sweetness will be far greater than anything I could tell you! 

To conclude. I will be composing more fragments to share with you in the coming days, weeks and months. In the hope of inspiring you to do something you want to do but are yet to initiate, so that you may find a subject of interest to read further into, so that you can experience for yourself the power a positive attitude can have on your life and your days. 

Happy a happy Easter!


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Daily Life

Came across a very interesting interpretation of mans daily life told by Yogananda this morning, and must share it with you all;

“The world is full of excitable people who run the gamut of the emotions while participating in the unpredictabilities of daily life. In a life span of sixty years, man beholds 21,900 transitions from day to night, and is tossed on ceaseless waves of emotion. Buffeted and bewildered, he learns very little from the instructive panorama of life. Such men have to reincarnate until they are able to watch the worldly spectacle like calm, blissful gods.

The yogi views this world as entertainment. If he experiences in his own life a ‘tragedy’ such as illness, poverty, persecution, or bereavement, he is able to say sincerely: ‘Ah, this dramatic spectacle is only a passing scene; it is not the ultimate reality!’ – even as an ordinary man, viewing a motion picture of horror or tragedy, may say; ‘what an interesting drama!’ If this cosmic show, morning, noon, and night, had only angels and smiles and no pain or tears, it would get boring and monotonous.” 

Speaking from experience, what appears to be a traumatic period in life, be it bereavement, poverty or ill-health, when viewed years later in hindsight can bring with it great lessons. 

What Yogananda is asking us to do is to experience these tough times with a similar outlook while we are in the midst of the storm! If we fail in an endeavor, there is a great opportunity to learn from it and press on to bigger and better things. If oneself or a loved one is ill, view it as a fleeting experience lacking in vitality and don’t lose heart or allow your spirit to be weakened. 

It may seem like this is an impossible feat, and that when times are hard it is acceptable to be down and depressed. But if we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to experience life the way we have always experienced it. 

Don’t become excited by the arrival of good fortune, neither become depressed by a calamity. Try and watch with a calm, indifferent attitude the joyous and sorrowful scenes of life.

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