The coincidence of the Universe

What is this blog about!?
Information, knowledge, understanding, and anything else that you associate with these words. Consider it an interactive book of universal knowledge that has no ending.

It is called FragmentsOfragments because I intend to document information that I have acquired that i think might be helpful to others.

This information will be a mere fragment of what can be known about a subject. One can read a man like Plato, or Einstein, or Shakespeare. Who has a whole lifetime of works to be read. And this is possible in a year or two if one wants to work diligently and have no other interests. But this is not very common, and is why I have started this blog.

Take from it what you will. and if you find it of interest then tell a friend, or two.

On to the content of this blog.The Universe. This extract is from a book by Deepak Chopra, and explains an article he read on physics and the beginning of the universe. Enjoy!

Nothing – absolutely nothing- would exist were it not for a remarkable set of coincidences. I once read an article by a physicist describing the Big Bang that gave bearth to our universe. In that moment, the number of particles created was slightly more than the number of antiparticles. The particles and the antiparticles then collided and annihilated each other, filling the universe with photons. Because of the initial imbalance, there were a few particles left after the annihilation and these created what we know as the material world. You and I and the rest of the universe, including all the stars and galaxies are leftover stuff from the moment of creation. The total number of particles left over was 10 to the power of 80 (thats 1 followed by 80 zeros) if the number of particles had been even slightly greater, gravitational forces would have forced the young universe to collapse on itself, forming one huge black hole, which would mean no you, no me, no stars or galaxies. if the number of matter particles had been even slightly smaller, the universe would have expanded so fast that there would have been no time for the galaxies to form as they did.
The first atoms were Hydrogen. If the strong force that holds the nucleus of an atom were even a fraction percent weaker deuterium, a stage that Hydrogen passes through before becoming Helium, would not have occured and the universe would have remained pure Hydrogen. If, on the other hand, the nuclear forces were even a fraction stonger, all the Hydrogen would have burned rapidly, leaving no fuel for the stars. So just as the gravitational forces needed to be exactly the strength they were, the electromagnetic forces that hold electrons in place needed to be exactly as they were- not a fraction more or a fraction less- for stars evolve into supernovas and for heavy elements to develop.
The development of Carbon and Oxygen, essential for the creation of biological organisms, required many coincidences to occur and to continue to occur from the moment of the big bang. That you and I exist, and that the universe with all its stars, galaxies, and planets exist, is a highly improbable event! A total coincidence! A miracle, tracking back to the birth of time.



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