An Ordinary Star

This piece is taken from a book, and there is also a television series by Professor Brian Cox. Many of you have probably seen the stunning film and photo of the Solar System and distant Universe in either book or screen.

We all know some of the fundamental ideas about the Universe and Solar System in which we live: We live on a planet called Earth, we orbit a star, and have a Moon which in turn orbits us.

Again, this is but a fragment of what can be understood about these ideas. Brian Cox help’s to put the concepts of the Universe in clear and easily understood language. All you have to do is take the time to watch, or read, and all becomes a little clearer.

This is very similar to the last blog in the ‘universe’ category, but this one does not concern itself with the whole of the Universe. It speaks only of the Sun that is the centre of our Solar System. Here it is;

At the heart of our complex and fascinating Solar System sits its powerhouse. For us it is everything, and yet it is just one ordinary star amongst 200 billion (thats 200,000,000,000) stars within our galaxy. It is a large one that greets us every morning; a star that controls each and every world that it holds in its thrall – the Sun. The Sun reigns over a vast empire of worlds and without it we would be nothing; life on earth would not exist. Although we live in the wonderous empire of the Sun, it is a place we can never hope to visit. However, thanks to the continual advances in technology and space exploration, and through observation from here on Earth, each spectacular detail we see leads us closer to understanding the enigma that is the Sun.

If you are reading these words. You can understand why I felt the need to share this with anyone who lives under the Sun.




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2 responses to “An Ordinary Star

  1. Have you read ‘Sun of God’, by Gregory Sams? It’s a thought provoking book.


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