Networking in Numbers

This is just a quick blog on my ideas behind the sharing of information over the internet.

This blog is free. Does not cost one penny to view this. But the information, if properly understood could be priceless. I say this because it is one thing to Know something. It is an entirely different thing to Understand it. I will be talking about this in greater detail at a later date.

Many people have helped me so far in sharing this information that i have chosen to share with the world. And to them I am very grateful indeed.

But if every one of you that viewed this site and found the information at all valuable. Told a friend about it, or two friends?

Even easier than this though.. Because I have a mass of experience in trying to talk to people about these subjects and ideas. some of the looks you get. The opinions people have about certain topics is quite frightening. This is where understanding comes in.

The point I am trying to make is that if you like this blog. Find it even the slightest bit interesting. It is possible that there are ten, possible one hundred, or even a thousand other people with the same attitude towards knowledge.

All I ask is that you post the link to this page once. There is no need to keep posting and posting, because if someone is not receptive to an idea the first time you talk about it. It’s likely they will never be interested.

We all have freedom to make choices. so it is your choice wether you share this or not.


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