One Week In

One week has passed since I begun this blog. From the interest it has received, and the feedback I have had back it seems that it is worth while for me to continue.

For those of you that have visited regularly, or have viewed the page more than once or twice, I hope that you are beginning to get an idea of what I hope to get across with this blog. The concept that a whole world of information and knowledge is waiting to be discovered. But sometimes a Fragment is quite enough to quench the thirst of many people.

I have now added an ‘about’ section which tells a little more about me and where I am coming from. The idea of development may, or may not be new to you. These fragments are to underline the point that there are whole books and libraries to be read if one so wishes.

After receiving lots of helpful feedback from you all, it seems as though one post a day is quite enough, which I will upload around 08:30, and a word that will be online first thing.

All of your comments are greatly appreciated, and let me know that I am not just blogging for myself. So come and have a read whenever is convenient for you each day. Be it on your breakfast or lunch break, or just before you go to bed. And remember what I post are merely fragments. As i have said several times. Any questions on further readings are welcome and if I can help, then I will.


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