A Man Named Ouspensky

Pyotr Demianovitch Ouspensky, author of Tertium Organum, A New Model of the Universe, and in Search of the Miraculous, was an emigre Russian philosopher, and one of the last major Russian thinkers whose thought in some ways took substantially different directions from those taken by modern western philosophy. Although his work was wide in its scope, in his later life it manifested particularly in linking psychology and cosmology in a way intended to give a unified view of man and of his place in the world.
About man he spoke of an ancient psychological teaching- gained from the enigmatic ‘G’ – a teaching which approached man not in terms of what he is but of what he may become. About the world he spoke in a way that integrated exactly with this classical view of man, the two views together forming a holistic concept of man in the world because, as he said, you cannot study man without studying the world in which he lives.

Please do not think you can develop without efforts. Do not think you can study man, or the world without efforts. Life in this modern time seems to be constantly wearing people down. Keeping them at the lowest possible level of life. But once you realise clearly that life is not purely about working until retirement, then after that slowly waiting for your death to come for you. something can be done!

Please forgive me if this sounds harsh to you. But I can’t emphasise the point enough that if you want a small thing, say a cup of tea, you must make a small effort and go and make one. If you want to loose 2st in weight or learn Russian on the other hand. Constant, daily, regular efforts must be incorporated into your daily routine that is life.



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2 responses to “A Man Named Ouspensky

  1. Alex Jones

    Don’t sow the seed, don’t get the harvest.


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