Horoscopes and Astrology

Even a fragment of knowledge on a subject can be helpful. But, the more you know the more you are able to understand. I have a minimal understanding of astrology and so for this blog have asked a good friend, and keen astrologer for his valuable advice. Some people shy away from people who have more knowledge than themselves. Not me!

Everyone alive has a birthday; which means they have a star sign, known to many as a Sun sign. Many of you even go further than knowing what your sign is by reading about them in the daily newspapers. Whether you are an Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius or any of the other signs, understand that this is only the tip of the iceberg of a subject that is as deep as human nature itself.

Surprising though it may seem, the twelve Sun signs only began to seem important in the 1930s, when astrological journalists took them up because they were an easy way of involving their readers: Whatever the date of your birthday, it will be marked by the Sun’s presence in one of the twelve signs.

The zodiac originated as a device for measuring time; no one knows how it first became involved in the classification of personalities or attempts to predict the future, although the first known personal horoscope was drawn up in 410 BC, and the zodiac certainly existed by 500 BC. There is evidence that the ‘modern’ zodiac was in place long before the birth of Christ. When Plato wrote about astrology in 365 BC the signs were still ruled by Gods and Goddesses and were linked to myths from Babylon, Egypt and Assyria, and much modern astrological interpretation relates very powerfully to myth, since these concepts form a background to human behaviour and motivation.

It cannot be too strongly emphasised that the constellations or signs are merely a convenience to astrologers. They are simply an easy way of naming the 30 degree segments of the sky within which the Sun, Moon and planets move (the Sun being the star of greatest significance in astrology). Whilst the symbolic creatures or beings of the zodiac- the Crab, the Archer, the Twins and so on- no doubt played their part in the evolution of the theory, they have no other significance.

The zodiac signs surround the Earth, each marked and identified by a clutch of stars which over the centuries have been assembled into patterns that roughly outline the symbols of each sign- some more credibly than others.

This is a fragment of an introduction to astrology. There is a wonderful book for beginners interested in this subject called ‘Parkers’ Astrology’. From here I will post one more short piece on the star or Sun signs, then I will be uploading the personality characteristics of each of the signs in turn.

Those of you that would like to know more about your own sign, please let me know so I can do your’s first, otherwise I will be doing them in zodiacal order starting with the first sign which is Aries. I look forward to hearing from you.



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2 responses to “Horoscopes and Astrology

  1. Tom Lynch

    Hello Lew. I look forward to hearing what Gemini has to say about me!!


  2. Winfred Squyres

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