The Star Signs

It is impossible to know how the 12 signs of our modern zodiac became associated with the characteristics attributed to them by astrologers. They were certainly not named on that basis: Gemini takes its name, for instance, simply from the twin stars that shine in that portion of the sky- though the stars in Leo suggest a crouching beast, and those in Virgo have always suggested the outline of a human body. The signs acquired their names and the myths associated with them from ancient civilisations- the study of their history is fascinating and extremely complex. For astrologers, however, the key importance of the signs is the many characteristics with which, over several thousand years, they have been associated.

Over the coming weeks I will post the personality characteristics of Aries through Pisces. Although ones first thought is only to read their own sign, a lot can be learned by reading them all. Think about someone who is a particular sign and see if some of the characteristics match up. It can be quite fun and amusing when a certain person’s star sign resembles them perfectly.

Astrology is a fragmented study of human nature. which is as wide as the world itself. By reading the signs of the zodiac it can help one to see what lies behind the way certain people act and behave. It is knowledge that should not be overlooked.


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