No Rehearsal

Received some wise words from an elderly gentleman recently. He told me; ‘You only get one life, this is no rehearsal.’

This will make each individual person think in their own way, of their own problems or goals, depending on their outlook. But for me it made me think of what I really want out of life.

Some are stuck in a rut and not willing to put in the effort to get out of it. When they hear someone rambling on about achieving or greatness they will usually move away and out of ear shot.

But if you look at any great person. Anyone who has achieved their dream and is now living it, they will tell you it has not been easy. So the first thing is to formulate what you would like from this life, the only one we have. And then go after it..

I will be adding a ‘positivity’ category and will be posting some fragments of what I feel are inspirational quotes and passages to spur anyone on. There are many blogs on WordPress that aim to help people in their everyday lives.

This is my small contribution.



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4 responses to “No Rehearsal

  1. Alex Jones

    Mozart considered “Death” was his friend, as it reminded him to make every moment count.


  2. O yes! Mozart was a very wise man. I believe Don Juan said ‘use death as an adviser’ it can come and snatch you away at any moment. Thank you once again Alex!


  3. That is a great piece of wisdom. I often contemplate my mortality, not in a morbid way, but to put things in true context.


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