“Achievement, I have heard it said, is largely the product of steadily raising one’s level of aspirations and expectations”
– Jack Nicklaus.

Some of you may have heard of the great golfer, some may say the greatest golfer that has ever lived, Jack Nicklaus? When I first read this quote in a golf psychology book it blew my mind! It is so simple, but yet so effective.

Even though I am not playing so much golf these days, this quote will stay with me forever. To steadily raise ones level of expectation and aspiration. Not in one morning, one day or one week, but steadily over a longer period of time.



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4 responses to “Achievement

  1. Alex Jones

    I have an idea this is “active” level of expectation and aspiration, through the doing rather than sitting and dreaming about it.


  2. Exactly Alex. Some think that the ‘talking’ or ‘thinking’ about something is enough. They forget the doing part. Like your post about philosophy the other day. Simply philosophising on the sofa all day isnt quite enough.


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