Excellence and Victory

All of the rings and all of the money and all of the colour and display- they linger only in memory. The spirit, the will to win and excel, these are the things that endure. The quality of any man’s life is the full measure of his commitment to excellence and to victory, regardless of what field he might be in. – Vince Lombardi.

What image does this bring to your mind? What field would you most like to excel in? Well don’t hesitate a second longer..

This quote for me, shows a very clear and insightful message. Do you think when Tiger Woods was 3 years old and took up golf he had any thoughts of being great? No, he just played because he loved it. Same for Roger Federer, he plays tennis for the love of the game.

If you do something for material gain or growth of the ego, thats fine. I cannot tell you anything about how you go about living your days. But would it not be more enjoyable to do something because you love to do it? Not for gain in any respect?

The difference between children and adults playing a game is that the child, if you watch one at play, is totally engrossed in play. Not worrying about this detail or that detail, they are at play. The adult on the other hand, may be engrossed in childlike play but this would be very rare. It’s more likely that they are worrying about what’s for dinner, or what their competitors think of them, or how they will appear if they fail.

Try and enjoy anything that you partake in. Your experience will be enhanced ten fold. If you can’t enjoy what your doing, ask yourself why you are doing it. Anything you do outside the 8 hours of work a day is up to you. It’s called free time for a reason.



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2 responses to “Excellence and Victory

  1. Alex Jones

    This is a good attitude to take to life.


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