The Master and the Mouse

Another recollection about G. I. Gurdjieff. From the same source I have quoted many times now. Enjoy!

In the year 1923, rats and mice had the run of the Prieure. Even in broad daylight they paraded about like kings, and as twilight approached, our cat would no longer dare venture into the courtyard. These rodents had ravaged our food reserves, even those earmarked for the livestock and the hen-house, so we mounted a merciless war against them.
We had just finished the construction of the Turkish Baths, and we were still clearing away the building materials strewn around the work-site. Mr. Gurdjieff was with us, directing the operations. As we were getting rid of a pile of old planks that lay on a pathway and on the ivy bordering it, one of us suddenly yelled, “Mice!”
Everyone rushed over, and the hunt was on. We removed each board, one by one, until only the last remained. Armed with shovels and sticks, we surrounded it. Two of us lifted it up abruptly. There were the mice, huddled in the ivy. Terrified, they tried to escape down the path. We raised our shovels and sticks, ready to strike.
“Stop!” shouted Mr. Gurdjieff.
Our arms froze, and we remained immobile as statues. A mouse hesitantly emerged from the ivy, dragging her babies clinging to her sides.
“Impossible,” said Mr. Gurdjieff smiling. With a solemn movement, he added, “Motherhood!”
The mouse calmly crossed the path and disappeared into the bushes, bearing her precious burden.
Once again we had found ourselves touched by a simple human act- such was the magic of the Prieure. And I can still see us taking up our work again with an extraordinary feeling- the feeling that creates a true opening to life.

anyone interested in Gurdjieff or any of the other categories mentioned, please feel free to get in touch regarding sources of information or just to discuss; Twitter, Facebook or email. After all, these are merely fragments!



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4 responses to “The Master and the Mouse

  1. Alex Jones

    I saved a mouse from a cat a few weeks ago, life is precious.


  2. Fantastic. My wife is 7 mo. preggos and it is a miracle watching the process and being a part of it. Gurdjieff rocks.


    • Hi Joel.
      It’s amazing, my girlfriend is 22 weeks pregnant also and I am experiencing what you are. I cannot wait to meet him/her.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. And I agree with you all the way that Gurdjieff rocks!!
      Take care.


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