The Law is the Law

Mulla Nasrudin studied law under a tutor.
Since he had no money to pay for his lessons, the arrangement was that he would pay his fees as soon as he won a case.
But Nasrudin did not practice as an advocate.
The Tutor took the Mulla to court.
Nasrudin said, when the complaint had been heard:
‘Your honour. If I win the case, claiming that my tutor need not be paid- he will not get his money.
‘If, on the other hand, I lose, I shall not have to pay him, because I will not have won a case yet: he will not get his money.’
‘What other result is possible?’ asked the confused judge.
‘Case dismissed,’ said Mulla Nasrudin.



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2 responses to “The Law is the Law

  1. Alex Jones

    And that is how law works, so people need to know what the contract is that they enter into.


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