The Retweet

Retweet and Share; Share and Retweet

I recently read an article on Renard Moreau Presents blog, about the social networking site Twitter. This is the link: It is a short and sweet post, please have a look. After reading myself I had the thought to create my own Twitter post.

My focus will be on the sharing side of Twitter, or, The Retweet. We have all pressed that retweet button several times if we are users of Twitter. It takes no time or effort or money, but makes the recipient very happy. It could be a fine article on growing a business that you share with all your followers; a piece on Language or sport or finance. Or simply a quote that someone decides to share with the Twitter world that could make everyone who reads it smile!

I am on the Twitter site to share and communicate with people I would never be likely to meet otherwise. Robin Sharma, Sir Nick Faldo, even Barack Obama, and many more as well. When I come across some good piece of advice, or an inspirational quote, I simply share it with all of my followers. The Retweet. This then moves the cycle further and gives them the opportunity to decide if they like it enough to share with their followers. And on and on the cycle goes.

To sum up. If you find something inspirational or interesting on Twitter, WordPress or Facebook, think about all your friends or followers who might like to know about this information you have found. After all, the internet is about sharing information, masses of it that we could never digest. So we know what we like and then look for, read and research this thing that interests us. We have friends and colleagues who are also interested, and through Twitter and Facebook we can share thoughts, feelings, words, pictures, knowledge and information to name but a few.

If you find a piece helpful or of interest but find yourself breezing past it without liking or sharing, why is this? We have joined a social network site for that reason.

Retweet and Share. Share and Retweet



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2 responses to “The Retweet

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Wow! This is quite an honour!

    You have hit the figurative nail on the head with this one.

    Thank you for another great post!


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