Life is a battle, a struggle, and each minute we are constantly at war. In life you find yourself facing bad situations, negative emotions and destructive relationships. How you react to life will determine the outcome. As Xenophon said, ‘your obstacles are not rivers or mountains or other people, your obstacle is yourself.’

Think of your situation in life as always about to go into battle. Everything depends on your state of being, your frame of mind and how you perceive the world. A shift of consciousness can transform life as you know it from negative, to positive. Like many things, this is easier in theory than in the practice that is life.

The more clearly you formulate an aim, your aim! The more clearly you will be able to imagine what life would be like if it were so. If this is practiced to a fine art, like I have mentioned in earlier blogs on positivity, and given clear examples of what one can achieve. The the sky is the limit.

But you must have a clear and concise aim. You must have an enemy that you wish to wage war against. Is it that body you want? The understanding you want to take from great books and great minds? Or any other thing that one can think of. We are all individuals after all. You want one thing and I want another and this is perfectly fine.

Once you have formulated your aim; body, knowledge, understanding, attitude, and on and on. Go and get it! To go to war, to go into battle, is to have a direction in your life.

But know that it will not be easily attainable. And this is one thing that I cannot leave out. Learning is not easy, it is much easier to relax. Losing weight and toning up your body, is not easy. It is much easier to sit around and eat rubbish. But this is the key. If you know what it is you want, then anything that helps you is good, and anything that hinders is bad and should be destroyed. Having this direction in your life, it is time to enter into battle!

But who will be victorious in this battle can only be decided by you!



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4 responses to “Warfare

  1. Alex Jones

    I am a big fan of Heraclitus, for he offers so many good observations of reality, and one of those observations is that strife is needed for us to “become”.

    Would it be better to see something instead of enemy but as a spiritual guide testing us, and if we pass the test we will be rewarded with the gift it hides within it?


    • I totally agree Alex. There are higher matters going on wether we are aware or not. But as you put it, a test is not an easy thing to pass. It depends on what it is that this test includes, what it requires. And if you want to make sure that you pass with flying colours you must work hard and strive for greatness.

      A few people have misunderstood my meaning so maybe I should do a follow up post?

      Thanks as always for your comment. I appreciate the feedback.



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