Wait until it gets you

One day Nasrudin was carrying plate of food to a needy man. A loutish joker tripped him up, and the Mulla lost his temper.
‘For that,’ he roared, ‘something terrible will happen to you!’
This startled the joker, who tripped over a rock and twisted his ankle. Feeling sorry for himself and repentant too, at such immediate punishment, he called out; ‘I am sorry, Nasrudin; but you see, I have had my deserts.’
‘Not at all,’ replied the Mulla smoothly, ‘that must have been a requital for one of your lesser misdeeds. When my curse hits you, you will be in no fit state even to apologise.’



Filed under Mulla Nasrudin

4 responses to “Wait until it gets you

  1. I love that mulla’s antics!


  2. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Wow! Something to engage on in deep thought.


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