19 February – 20 March

The twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. Here is the recluse who nevertheless has stunning potential, when it is allowed to blossom- although often a lack of self-confidence prevents a full expression of Piscean potential. The ruling planet, Neptune, while encouraging inspiration, sensitivity and vision, can cloud issues. You will know the kindness of Pisceans, but may find them deceptive. Give them encouragement and they will develop greater confidence and belief in what they can do.
This is the third and last sign of the water element, and the fourth and last sign of the mutable quality. The emotion of water is encouraged by the mutable quality, and is a powerful force that is likely to require shaping and controlling if it is to work in a rewarding and satisfying way. Pisceans often have a powerful spiritual faith, which can, however, be diverted into some unconventional cult.

Traditional Pisces Traits
Imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, selfless, unworldly, intuitive, sympathetic.

Escapist, idealistic, secretive, vague, weak-willed, easily led.

Associations of Pisces
Body area: Feet
Foodstuffs: Cucumber, pumpkin, lettuce, melon
Animals: Mammals that like water; fish
Countries: Portugal, many small Mediterranean islands, the Gobi and Sahara deserts



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