It is necessary to work on oneself today! Each day is an epitome of ones life. Ones life is what remains at death – that is, a person is his life, and this is what is meant in the scriptures that the book of ones life is opened at death. A man is his life. A day in ones life is a small replica of ones life. If a man does not work on a day in his life, he cannot change his life, and if he says that he wishes to work on his life and change it, and does not work on a day In his life, his work on himself remains purely imaginary.




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3 responses to “Today

  1. Alex Jones

    This is true, for we are the sum of all our moments, but to change the next moment for something better effort is required in the moment before it.


  2. Ah, so true. There is only today, tomorrow never comes…


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