Instant Reading

A certain famous Fakir was claiming in the village that he could teach an illiterate person to read by a lightning technique.
Nasrudin stepped out of the crowd:
‘Very well, teach me- now.’
The Fakir touched the mulla’s forehead, and said: ‘Now go home immediately and read a book.’
Half an hour later Nasrudin was back in the market-place, clutching a book. The Fakir had gone on his way.
‘Can you read now, Mulla?’ the people asked him.
‘Yes, I can read- but this is not the point. Where is that charlatan?’
‘How can he be a charlatan if he has caused you to read without learning?’
‘Because this book, which is authoritative, says: ‘All Fakirs are frauds.’



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4 responses to “Instant Reading

  1. Alex Jones

    Good story 🙂


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