To Want

To realise that you want something, and then immediately realise that you can have this thing is a very positive thought. Then comes the question: What will I have to pay to get this thing. To achieve this aim?

Reality can be defined by a sharp series of limitations on every living thing, the final boundary being death. In life, we know without question that we only have so much energy to expend. A certain number of years to live. Our skills and capacities can go only so far.

To want something means that you don’t have it. This is the whole concept of wanting. Money. Health. Peace. Wealth. Abundance. Every one wants these things, but what is one willing to pay to get them?

I want…. Formulate it very clearly to yourself. It will differ for each and every one of us. Then the only thing left is the attainment of this thing. Today could be the last day on the planet, none of us can accept tomorrow as a certainty.

Go and get what you want and never let anyone tell you that you cant have it. A few more classes and books and we can extend our talents and skills to the point where we become different people. Technology can make anything achievable.



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6 responses to “To Want

  1. I appreciate this. Thank you .


  2. Alex Jones

    Amongst ancient peoples they saw a bison as a symbol of abundance, a spirit with gifts of food, tools and clothing. The action to take in which to release these gifts was to kill the bison. The action is never easy, for even a hunter can empty a shotgun into a bison, and it will keep on coming, a single hunter with a spear has their work cut out. Gifts come with a price.


  3. Hi Lewis,
    I have the pleasure of nominating you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you choose to accept the award, please follow the link to my post, and follow the instructions there. If you choose not to receive awards, please know that your blog is appreciated.


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