Teach Us Your Wisdom

Nasrudin arrived at a village far from his own home, and found that his reputation as a great teacher had preceded him.
The Villagers assembled and their spokesman said:
‘Teach us your wisdom, great Nasrudin.’
‘Very well,’ said the Mulla, ‘but first of all let me suggest something useful to you. Would you like that unsightly hill opposite the village removed, so that you might enjoy the cool breezes which it now interrupts?’
The villagers were delighted at the proposal.
‘Now,’ said Nasrudin, ‘bring me a rope long enough to encircle the hill, with some left over.’
After months of weaving the villagers produced the rope.
‘Just put the rope around the hill, lift it up and put it on my back, so that I can take it away,’ said Nasrudin.
‘This is ridiculous,’ said the villagers, ‘how can we lift a hill?’
‘How can I carry it away unless you do?’ asked Nasrudin.
‘It is the same problem when you ask me to teach you my wisdom.’


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  1. Alex Jones

    Kind of true. Knowledge can be taught. Wisdom can be shown through example. Wisdom can be pointed towards. The learning of wisdom can only be learnt through the personal doing.


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