Time and Space

Certain goals will take longer to reach than others. This is relative to the size of the hill or mountain one would like to climb. It is important to keep this in mind while pursuing your goals, small ones require less time, big ones more.

In reality, beginning the minute you are born, time is the only thing you have. When you arrive in the world you are naked and fragile and its up to your parents to look after you until you reach responsible age. But once you become an adult it is over to you.

People can take away your possessions, but short of murder, no one can take away your time unless YOU let them. Even in prison your time is your own, if you use it for your own purposes.

I find it useful to try as much as possible to have this in mind. To use the time I have responsibly and know I gave all I could. Time lost can never be regained so don’t waste even a minute!



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6 responses to “Time and Space

  1. Alex Jones

    Yes, so true, as someone said life is like blossom blowing away on the wind.


  2. Matthew Corrian-Alexis

    True, I always try to remind myself to enjoy every moment in life… especially when I’m at work click watching.


  3. I once spoke to a Burmese man who had been a political prisoner of the regime in Myanmar. He used his time in prison to meditate, and he appeared to be a very happy and serene person. He used his time wisely, and to his great benefit.


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