The Fox and The Monkey Elected King

The monkey, having danced in an assembly of the animals and earned their approval, was elected by them to be king. The fox was jealous. So, seeing a piece of meat one day in a snare, he lead the monkey to it, saying that he had found a treasure. But rather than take it for himself, he had kept guard over it, as its possession was surely a prerogative of royalty. The fox then urged him to take it.

The monkey approached it, taking no care, and was caught in the trap. When he accused the fox of luring him into a trap, the fox replied: “Monkey, you want to reign over all the animals, but look what a fool you are!”

It is thus that those who throw themselves into an enterprise without sufficient thought not only fail, but even become a laughing stock.

Fables, Aesop, Sixth Century B.C



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2 responses to “The Fox and The Monkey Elected King

  1. Matthew Alexis

    Don’t get me started on Foxes!!!


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