Secrets of the Samurai

This quote comes from the book, ‘Secrets of a Samurai’ by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook, 1973. This is a fragment of the book, which is a fragment of a teaching. The school of the Samurai:

“The book of changes (I Ching) is often considered the Oriental apotheosis of adaptation, of flexibility. In this book the recurring theme is one of observing life and blending with its flow in order to survive and develop. In effect, the theme of this work is that everything in existence can be a source of conflict, of danger, and, ultimately, of violence if opposed from the wrong angle or in the wrong manner- that is, if confronted directly at the point of its maximum strength, since this approach renders the encounter potentially devastating. By the same token, any and every occurrence can be dealt with by approaching it from the right angle and in the proper manner- that is, at its source, before it can develop full power, or from the sides (the vulnerable ‘flanks of a tiger’).”



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5 responses to “Secrets of the Samurai

  1. Indeed a very helpful quote to be taken into consideration when in a dangerous situation.


    • In every situation. One must try to remember to take a step back from events to assess things. Otherwise it’s very easy to react emotionally. Once a second of thought has been taken, then it’s time to act.
      Thank you for your comment.



  2. Alex Jones

    I have found I-Ching useful.


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