The Ploughman’s Quarrelsome Son’s

A Ploughman’s sons were always quarrelling. He scolded them to no avail- his words did nothing to change their ways. So he decided to teach them a practical lesson. He asked them to bring him a load of firewood. As soon as they had done this he gave a bundle to each and told them to break it all up for him. But, in spite of all their efforts, they were unable to do so. The ploughman therefore undid the bundles and handed each of his sons a stick at a time. These they broke without any trouble. “So!” said the father. “you too, my children, if you stay bound together, can be invincible to your enemies. But if you are divided you will be easy to defeat.”

Fables, Aesop.

How many times have a group of people forced their opinion on a minority? If you believe in something strongly, in life, at work, or anything else at all, surround yourself with people who have the same beliefs. This way you will be like the bundle of twigs and will not be easily broken. Stand alone and it will be a different story.



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6 responses to “The Ploughman’s Quarrelsome Son’s

  1. Alex Jones

    I have been in situations too many times with a team that is divided, and seen the bad results. Aesop’s wisdom remains potent even two thousand years later.


    • Alex. Yet another practical and valuable comment bringing your experience. True wisdom, in the objective sense is timeless. Even in the year 3265 Aesop’s fables will relate. But who knows what state the world will be in? Safe to say you and I will not be here to experience it.

      To have a group of people, with a clear aim that is common to each member is a very powerful thing. But what is worth striving for? Everyone seems to have their own agenda these days. Shame!


  2. Matthew Alexis

    Divide and Conquer!!! I feel people have forgotten the power they have when they work together and just tend to let things happen. The French citizens for example understand power in numbers, when something happens that upsets them take to the streets!!! People power.


    • That’s very true Matthew. And when the French take to the streets its clear to them what they want, so that go after it firmly. I agree that people let events occur rather than taking control.

      A small group of people with a common aim can achieve great things in life.


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