The Reed and The Olive

The reed and the olive tree were arguing over their steadfastness, strength and ease. The olive taunted the reed for his powerlessness and pliancy in the face of all the winds. The reed kept quiet and didn’t say a word. Then, not long after this, the wind blew violently. The reed, shaken and bent, escaped easily from it, but the olive tree, resisting the wind, was snapped by its force.

The story shows that people who yield to circumstances and to superior power have the advantage over their stronger rivals.

Fables, Aesop



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3 responses to “The Reed and The Olive

  1. Alex Jones

    A central idea in taoism too.


  2. Also a central idea in some martial arts, eg. aikido


  3. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] A lovely reminder.


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