Astrology Update

This is a quick post to make the newer readers, as well as all readers aware that there is an astrology category on my blog which contains all of the star signs personality characteristics.

This can be useful for many reasons. First and foremost of interest to us all is our own star sign. Am I anything like the general Sagitarian or Geminian for example? I can go to one of these posts and find out instantly wether I have certain characteristics.

Next is our friends or relatives. We can look up their sign and see if they relate to the personality traits. Or we can just look through them all in order to get an overall outlook of the 12 general types among us. Please read and enjoy these posts you will find in the astrology category.



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2 responses to “Astrology Update

  1. Alex Jones

    You could create a page with all the links to the signs on.


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