There is nothing more therapeutic than action!

Nothing comes immediately. If this were not the case then everyone would have everything they desired. Can you imagine? The world doesn’t work like this and we must remember that it is a fact of human nature that you must plot your way through life.

The problem that many of us face is that we have great dreams and ambitions. Caught up in the emotions of our dreams and the vastness of our desires, we find it very difficult to focus on the small, tedious steps that are necessary to attain them.

At this point I would like to take a second so you can think of your dreams and desires. However great or small they are doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are yours and no one can take them away from you. I have emphasised many times that the key is to see clearly what it is you want and desire.

Now we have clear in our mind what we desire, we are forced to think in terms of a process, a sequence of connected steps and actions, no matter how small, which will bring us closer to our goal.

With this in mind we can be on the offensive. We know what it is we want. Have formulated the course of action needed to realise our aim. To take that first small step makes them seem realisable.

So if you know what it is you want, and are not afraid to get it, then all that is left is to begin. There is nothing more therapeutic than action.



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6 responses to “There is nothing more therapeutic than action!

  1. Matthew Alexis

    Very well said, there is nothing more satisfying than reaching and achieving a goal you have set yourself!


    • Thank you Matthew. It is truly satisfying to achieve an aim or goal, especially if it is a far off dream that seems like it will never come true. I appreciate the comment as always and if you feel this is a helpful post, please share the love.


  2. Alex Jones

    To succeed at a dream, is to expend energy in action (as you say), overcome the obstacles of strife, and sacrifice things to make room for the dream.


    • Exactly right. Action is everything, and every little action towards the goal is something. What I always seem to come back to though is the point of having ones aim clearly defined and formulated. That way you can have in mind often what will help and what will hinder this goal. It is the secret of success, to know what you want in life, and then pursue it with relentless action. Thanx for the comment, appreciate the feedback as always.



  3. Action takes us out of our heads, the treadmill of our thoughts and worries and fantasies, and immerses back into reality. And there is nothing sweeter than that!


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