How full is your cup?

Is your cup half empty? Or is your cup half full? The answer will be a personal one and will have nothing to do with anyone else in the world.

If your cup is half empty; your often down, negative, pessimistic and unhappy. Why? Surely it is just an attitude toward things. I often experience people with a similar attitude and find myself asking a question..

“How could I make this unhappy, pessimistic person come around to my way of thinking?”

The answer is, I can’t. And this is because for a change in attitude like this to occur, the subject must want the change to take place. All I can do is offer advice, recommend good books and websites to read and point them in the right direction.

By starting this blog it is possible to share insights like this one. If I went around to negative unhappy people in my workplace preaching positivity and gratitude what do you think would happen? I would likely be told to get lost.

To close I would just like to say that my attitude is one of a full cup. This is all I can worry about in my life, my attitude. All you should be worrying about is your attitude.



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4 responses to “How full is your cup?

  1. Alex Jones

    Heraclitus says “follow the common” which is to see things as they are rather than your subjective opinion of what they are.


    • I see what you mean, to perceive reality as it is with no tint of negative or positive. But with this post I am try to get the negative to realise there is a positive. Later we can try and acheive Heraclitus’ state of ‘following the common.’ Thanx as always for commenting.


  2. You have a good attitude, Lewis. Too many people are affected by the negativity of those around them. Conversely, by being positive ourselves, we may have a positive effect on others.


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