Remember Yourself

It has been far too long since I shared some insight from Gurdjieff. Why this is is beyond me. His ideas are new and unheard of, and have changed my outlook on life. It’s not enough to have only the theory in the intellect, but experience and understanding are needed also. Take from this what you will. What you need.

“It is only in beginning to ‘remember himself’ that a man really begins to awaken; in trying to rediscover, collect and live what, behind these personages, he feels to be more truly himself. This effort brings an ‘impression of oneself’ with a special ‘taste’ which cannot be mistaken. It cannot be described in words: it only has meaning at the moment it is lived through.”

G. I. Gurdjieff




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2 responses to “Remember Yourself

  1. Alex Jones

    There is considerable brain science behind what Gurdjieff says here. What is imprinted upon our brain is what becomes us, the horror of seeing its reverse is the process of dementia.


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