Your Goal

“Before beginning a task we need to think about how to fulfil the goal in the most intelligent way, spending the least possible force for the greatest possible result. We should not forget that the same goal can be reached in various ways. And sometimes there are shorter ways, which, at the same time, give greater profit.”

Thomas de Hartmann, student of G. I. Gurdjieff

This quote talks about ‘the goal’, but the title of the blog is ‘your goal’. You are reading these words on a screen. You have things that you feel you have to do today. Appointments and work commitments and on and on. But what is YOUR GOAL? The thing you want most in your life. Formulate it, and then think about it always, knowing that anything else that you might be doing is for your goal.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. And if after you close this page and continue on with your day how many people do you think will tell you how great you are and how much potential you have? Not too many! And it isn’t anyone else’s job to do it either.

This is why you must have it mind often. Your goal. Life seems to be designed to bring you down. Its your job to pick yourself up.



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4 responses to “Your Goal

  1. Alex Jones

    The only one who is going to pick you up and throw you forward at your goals is you. Great post.


  2. Perfect for me today. Thank you!


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