Your World

“We need to define our priorities- the values, endeavours that guide us- and build our worlds around those things. It’s not enough just to get through the day. We need to make every day a platform for accomplishing what we want out of life. We must take responsibility for ourselves and the world we live in so that we can live with ourselves and the world around us.”

Joanna Smith Bers

To expand on this quote. I often make the point that one can achieve anything they desire. For me this quote says it all. Surely it isn’t enough just to get through the day and we should be preparing our own worlds to receive our dreams.

Give yourself a minute before you get back ‘to work’ and really think what it is you want. It won’t arrive by tomorrow, but with continued efforts and the right mindset, it CAN be achieved. How soon is down to you!



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8 responses to “Your World

  1. Very true. Our thoughts become our actions and if we are content just to ‘get by’ then we can’t be too surprised when today is alot like yesterday and so on. It’s all about having goals and believing you can achieve them


    • Exactly. It’s just a shame so many people are content just to ‘get by’. George Gurdjieff said something similar to what you are. He said that today is how it is because yesterday was how it was. So if any change is to occur then NOW is the time. Not later or tomorrow.

      Thank you for your comment and interaction. It’s appreciated! 🙂


  2. Too many people let life happen to them rather than creating the life they want.


  3. Alex Jones

    Having goals is so important. Putting aside a few hours to discover what those goals are, then going for those goals makes life worth living.


    • Yes. But why is it do difficult to put that time aside? People make all sorts of excuses and never even get near to realising their dreams. It’s easy to read your words and say I must put aside some time when I get home. Then I get home and……


      • Alex Jones

        … Facebook needs updating, got to watch that quiz show, worry time over a meeting tomorrow… which is why the majority are trapped in their holes in life.


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