Mans Possible Development

There are many teachings that one can bring to life. I will not name them but i’m sure you can imagine some religious or spiritual practices that could enrich your life.

This week I will be trying to impart a certain idea in the blogs that follow this introduction. But first I would like to stress one important point. This system in which the idea comes, belongs to the class of system which regards man as an incomplete being and study him from the point of view of his possible development.

Man can be conscious, but at present he is not. It must be recognised that man lives below his legitimate level. There are several other things that man can attain, but for now I will stick to just one idea.

Tomorrow I will share a brilliant quote from Ouspensky. An allegory that shows wonderfully how man lives on a much lower level than is possible. From there I will continue on this theme for two more days.

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4 responses to “Mans Possible Development

  1. matthew

    Sounds like a good idea, I’m looking forward to reading it


  2. I will be visiting for the follow up posts, for sure!


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