“If we return for a moment to the analogy of an aeroplane, what is the reason why our aeroplane cannot fly? Naturally the first reason because we do not know the machine, how to work it and how to put it in motion. And the second reason is that the result of this ignorance the machine works at a very slow speed. The effect of this slow speed is much greater than if we compare a horse-carriage and an aeroplane.

“All study, all thinking and investigation must have one aim, one purpose in view, and this aim must be attaining consciousness. It is useless to study oneself without this purpose. There are reasons to study oneself only if one has already realised that one does not have consciousness and one wishes to attain it. Otherwise it becomes just futile.

“Attaining consciousness is connected with the gradual liberation from mechanicalness, for man as he is is fully and completely under mechanical laws.

“The more a man attains consciousness, the more he leaves mechanicalness, which means he becomes more free from accidental laws.”

Tomorrow I will conclude this four part piece on consciousness, with the help of Ouspensky.

We all hear and know a little about consciousness, but the question we must ask ourselves is; do we want it? If we don’t then we can carry on as always. But, if we do then we must make efforts to attain it.



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2 responses to “Consciousness

  1. Excellent stuff, Lewis, and too bad it ends tomorrow. More another time perhaps? Of course, many would vehemently deny that they were mechanical beings to begin with, but such is life.


    • Thanks Paul. I’m pleased with the feedback and think I will do another series like this in the future. As for the vehement deniers, the worst kind of sceptic as they aren’t even willing to verify for themselves. Which is very easy to do. But I don’t worry to much about these and I’m thankful that there are a few who like these ideas. Enjoy the conclusion! 🙂


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