Gurdjieff taught that there are several roads to human evolution, to evolve from the carriage to the aeroplane. To increase awareness.

Each one of us will have a preferred route to reach this aim. All I am trying to do with these blogs is to make one aware that it is possible. Many other blogs on this site would agree with me. The key is to find your route, your path and begin to walk it. You don’t have to abstain from life or pleasure to reach your aim, all you have to do is to be more aware. Realise your potential, that of an aeroplane rather than a horse-carriage.

I don’t for a second think I hold all the answers, and so I will not pretend I do.

To finish I will share a quote I came across the other day that illustrates the point I am trying to make beautifully.

“Man is in the making but henceforth he must make himself. To that point Nature has led him out of the primeval slime. She has given him limbs, she has given him a brain, she has given him the rudiments of a soul. Now it is for him to make or mar that splendid torso. Let him no more look to her for aid; for it is her will to create one who has the power to create himself.”

Lowes Dickinson

Create yourself each and every day, and never forget that you can.



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6 responses to “Conclusion

  1. As you say, Lewis, the important thing is to begin. Pick one path and follow it to its conclusion. Thanks for a good series of posts.


  2. Alex Jones

    Well said. We are in a state of becoming, as Heraclitus infers, every moment of every day.


  3. This is another thoughtful and well-crafted post.

    You are doing important work here.



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