What one believes in life is the fundamental screen in which they view the world. You can believe in God, Jesus, Allah, The Universe, The Law of Attraction, or an unlimited number of possible systems.

If you believe in something too rigidly you will be unable to see things from another, a different angle. This is what happens when a person is closed minded and uses terms like: ‘thats a load of rubbish’, or ‘in my religion it says this..’ or ‘it cant be that easy!’

If you simply change your belief system, you will have a new set of resources and a new set of limitations. Having the new choice of being able to operate out of different models of thought is very valuable in comparison to being able only to operate out of one model. If you believe any of them, you will remain limited in the same way those models are limited.

Once you realise that the world in which your living right now is completely made up, you can make up new worlds. Now is the time to start.

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12 responses to “Belief

  1. Matthew Alexis

    I agree fully, wonderfully put! Good to see you back too Lewis.


  2. Salina

    Very well said and very true 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on shafiqah1 and commented:
    agreed, don’t be dogmatic, learn and grow, change, and expand, and extend what you think you know and believe, lovely post!


  4. One of your most important posts, Lewis. Thank you!


  5. Alex Jones

    Good post. People seem to separate themselves from others by these artificial illusions of religion. I noted the Twitter shows a score of 32 against this post, looks to be popular.


  6. In creating new worlds we must remember unity. Our worlds must intersect, so we cultivate our creations together.


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