There is lots of advice given in the WordPress world, and I am guilty of giving on occasion. There is a piece of advice I came across the other day in book two or three of Carlos Castenada’s series of books. I would not give this piece of advice to you, but will repeat it for what its worth.

What Don Juan wanted to do to Carlos, which I wouldn’t, of course want to do to you- is to find some way of motivating him to be congruent and expressive in his behaviour at all times, as creative as he could be as a human being.

Juan wanted Carlos to mobilise his resources so that each act Carlos performed would be a full representation of all the potential that was available to him. To be the best man he could be at every moment of his life!

The advice that Don Juan gave to Carlos was: “At any moment that you find yourself hesitating, or if at any moment you find yourself putting off until tomorrow trying some new piece of behaviour that you could do today, or doing something you’ve done before, then all you need to do is glance over your left shoulder and there will be a fleeting shadow. That shadow represents your death, and at any moment it might step forward, place its hand on your shoulder and take you. So that the act that you are presently engaged in might be your very last act and therefore fully representative of you as your last act on this planet.”

When you hesitate, you are acting as though you are immortal. And you, faithful reader, are not. Act now, on whatever it is you have been putting off. Act now and begin what you have been dreaming of. Act now and feel fantastic!



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4 responses to “Advice

  1. Dora

    Learn about how my friend’s one day with a Buddhist monk changed his life, helped him become a CEO and redefined his idea of success:


  2. Hi Lewis,
    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. If you choose to accept the award please follow the link to my post. If you prefer not to receive it, please accept my appreciation for your blog.


  3. Alex Jones

    “Act now” is a good tip which should be amongst the to ten of tips made.


  4. Alex Jones

    Should read “top ten”.


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