The best you can be!

To begin with I would like to apologise to my regular readers and subscribers for the long gap in between the last blog and this. Life circumstances have changed slightly and there are only so many hours in a day.

With this blog I would like to describe what I have been up to, and at the same time help the reader become the best you can be.

Every now and again one must re-assess their goals and values in life. Even if you are very happy and positive and achieving great things, this is no reason not to re-assess and aim even higher in the one life you have been gifted with!

I came across a certain concept recently: List your vices, bad habits and negative character traits. List them all and be sincere with yourself otherwise there is absolutely no point in this exercise. And don’t think it will be simple and painless, because it won’t be.

Now you have a clear view in your mind of the things holding you back or that you would like to change. Then comes the time to get to work! Writing a list will not change you for the better. Hoping you might change will not make you the best you can be! Don Juan told Castaneda “Watch yourself like a hawk.” Be your own critic.

If you want a simple and painless life, then don’t begin this exercise. If you are happy in your routine and the circumstances you find around you, don’t begin this exercise. But, if you want to become the best you can be in this life, start today gaining resources and working on yourself. There is nothing else of any value!



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4 responses to “The best you can be!

  1. Eek! Lewis you didn’t ! (Im joking)
    self prospective is so hard, id rather live a superficial, lack of heart life,but my soul wont let me enjoy that worldly life! Change is painful Productive at Keeping the faith!


  2. Alex Jones

    Everything should be a work of art in progress, including the work on ourselves. I value your posts, keep them up.


    • Thanks Alex. And I agree with you. We can’t expect a miracle in a day or week. But if we make daily efforts in the right direction, with the thought that life is a work in progress, we can reach the goals we set ourselves.


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