A Challenge (intro)

I came across a passage in a book the other day and have to share it with you all. Wether you share it is another matter. It is too long to put in one blog and so I have decided to split it into paragraphs, as attention spans are fairly short these days. There are six paragraphs which equates to six parts. In the final part I will share the author and the name of the book for those who are interested, and will most likely do my own conclusion sharing my thoughts on the matter.

The name of the piece is ‘A Challenge’ as is obvious from the title. It is a challenge because what we are being asked to do is no easy feat. After all this is the definition of a challenge. All I ask is for you to come back and read each part in turn, and then make your own opinion about it.

When I read this short piece of words it had a great effect on me. Partly because I have a strong magnetism to sharing information and helping people fulfil their potential. And partly because I am a human being, part of the human race, living on the Planet Earth.

As ever; Read, Enjoy and Share!


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  1. Alex Jones

    Will be interesting to read.


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