I came across a quote the other day which describes what many of us are searching for, but many in vain. Each of us has their own individual system, and they differ as far as you can imagine. I know people pursuing: Zen Buddhism, Hermetic Science, Islam, Christianity, and Gurdjieffs Fourh Way too name a handful of available systems.

One has to be unhappy and disillusioned with life to begin one of these paths, and how this occurs takes place in many forms. But once you know what it is you desire out of life, and find a way to attain this desire, you can begin to make efforts towards your aim.

The quote that embodies all of the above information is;

“People are throwing water onto wood and expecting fire, and when fire does not catch, they denounce the idea of fire altogether. It is the system which is to blame, and not the individual.”

If you want ‘fire’ to be present in your life. And I mean fire in a way that is your own idea of what it represents. All that is left is to find a system that will bring this ‘fire’ more abundantly into your life. Then all that matters is how much efforts you make towards this goal.

Please don’t throw water onto wood and expect fire.


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  1. stephen fenech

    Fantastic qoute!


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