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“There is no one in the world who is not able to achieve liberation. There are simply those who, as of yet, have not convinced themselves to pursue that goal.” ~a Wise Man

For me, this quote says everything. Each and every one of us is on our own individual path. Wether that is seeking wealth, riches or God does not matter too much.

What matters is that eventually each one of us will come to the thought that we can be liberated from the chains of the material world, and seek something higher, something more permanent.

The reason it is so important for us to come to it by ourselves and not be hypnotised or indoctrinated is so that we can appreciate it to the full.

“This is necessary because God wanted us to evolve of our own free will, and, indeed, for free will to exist at all.” ~ Same Wise Man.




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The Birth of a New Soul

On Friday 5th October at 17:00 my girlfriend gave birth to our son. We have named him Noah, both mum and baby are doing really well!

I cannot formulate any words to do justice to the experience I have had over the past few days. Those of you who are parents will understand, and those of you who are not yet responsible for a precious young soul, maybe one day you will be able to feel the emotions that I am feeling.

I wanted to let you, my faithful reader know what a change has occurred in my circumstances. Forgive me if the blogs do not flow as regularly as they have done, but know that from now, if I take time to put something up it will be well worth both of our times. Mine to type it out, and you to read it through.

For now I will leave you with a picture of my beautiful baby boy.



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“Harmful magnetic conditions, as the result of man’s wrong handling of force, are the causes of evil in the world around us, including the three sub-human kingdoms. How can we, as individuals, change this? By the development in ourselves of Harmlessness. Therefore, study yourself from this angle. Study your daily conduct and words and thoughts so as to make them utterly harmless. Set yourself to think those thoughts about yourself and others which will be constructive and positive, and hence harmless in their effects. Study your emotional effect on others, so that by no mood, no depression, and no emotional reaction can you harm a fellow-man. Remember in this connection, violent spiritual aspiration and enthusiasm, misplaced or misdirected, may quite easily harm a fellow man, so look not only at your wrong tendencies but at the use of your virtues.
“If harmlessness is the keynote of your life, you will do more to produce right harmonious conditions in your personality than any amount of discipline along other lines. The drastic purgation brought about by the attempt to be harmless will go far to eliminate wrong states of consciousness…”

Alice Bailey.


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