The Birth of a New Soul

On Friday 5th October at 17:00 my girlfriend gave birth to our son. We have named him Noah, both mum and baby are doing really well!

I cannot formulate any words to do justice to the experience I have had over the past few days. Those of you who are parents will understand, and those of you who are not yet responsible for a precious young soul, maybe one day you will be able to feel the emotions that I am feeling.

I wanted to let you, my faithful reader know what a change has occurred in my circumstances. Forgive me if the blogs do not flow as regularly as they have done, but know that from now, if I take time to put something up it will be well worth both of our times. Mine to type it out, and you to read it through.

For now I will leave you with a picture of my beautiful baby boy.




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5 responses to “The Birth of a New Soul

  1. Congratulations Lewis!…Such a precious little soul…you are right in that you will now have very little time to blog with us…no matter…Noah is such an important distraction…Love to you and your wife…and of course Noah…Namaste


  2. Beautiful. Congratulations!!! 🙂


  3. Alex Jones

    How wonderful. I am pleased for you. Congratulations.


  4. Wow, Lewis – congratulations to you and your beloved! I know how you feel, it has been almost 9 years ago now that my son was born… cherish these moments, my friend! Hold that baby boy in your arms every moment you can! Look into those eyes and you are glimpsing whole new dimensions of Love!

    Peace ~ Ben


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