The Mind and it’s Plasticity

“You must convince yourself of the following: people get the mind and quality of brain that they deserve through their actions in life. Despite the popularity of genetic explanations for our behaviour, recent discoveries in neuroscience are overturning long-held beliefs that the brain is genetically hardwired. Scientists are demonstrating the degree to which the brain is actually quite plastic- how our thoughts determine our mental landscape. They are exploring the relationship of willpower to physiology, how profoundly the mind can affect our health and functionality. It is possible that more and more will be discovered about how deeply we create the various patterns of our lives through certain mental operations- how we are truly responsible for what happens to us.”

~ Robert Greene.

I have shared many blogs on this subject. These can be found in the ‘mind’ and ‘positivity’ sections, and scattered elsewhere throughout the page. This quote summarises very well the recent scientific discoveries which are being made to help cement some of these ideas.

There are schools of thought such as positive awareness and affirmations, which many people will discount as nonsense. For me, even before finding this quote, through my own experience, I am a believer in these mental operations. It is my belief and I will pay little attention to the sceptics who will try to belittle these ideas.

Now over to you.. Maybe you are already aware of this concept. You have been practicing affirmation for years. Maybe you walk next to God on a daily basis.. But, if you find yourself in a place in life which is less than satisfactory to your individuality, begin right this second to change your surroundings. Re-read the quote at the top of the page and start to explore for yourself the relationship of willpower to physiology, and how the mind can effect our health and functionality.

Remember: No one else can do this for you. This is why it is so beautiful. We can talk about it all day long, and tell everyone about it. If we do not practice it often throughout the day we will have no results.



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3 responses to “The Mind and it’s Plasticity

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  2. Alex Jones

    Genetics deals us the initial hand of cards, then through living we cause changes to our body and brains for the better or worse depending upon our actions.


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