“The purpose of all speech is to clothe thought and thus make our thought available for others. When we speak we evoke a thought and make it present, and we bring that which is concealed within us into audible expression. Speech reveals, and right speech can create a form of beneficent purpose, just as wrong speech can produce a form which has a malignant objective.”

Alice Bailey.

Words have weight and are very powerful. We may not realise this in our day to day life where it has become the norm to complain, insult and generally be negative in a variety of ways. What I want to make clear with the above quote is that what you say to others will have a great effect on them!

Instead of being negative and complaining, why not be positive and enthusiastic. Give someone a compliment and see the smile that beams across their face. My mum used to say that ‘manners cost nothing’, and this seems to have grown into something more than simple manners.

Try it, experiment with the words you use. If you complain often, try not to express these thoughts. If you usually joke and insult friends and colleagues, try instead to stay quiet or offer the odd kind word.

Like many of my blogs, it will not have an effect if one person does or does not do this. But, if everyone who reads this try’s to be a little more positive, and in turn has a positive effect on someone else’s day, it will start a chain reaction, people will effect others and so on. Then things may begin to change.



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2 responses to “Speech

  1. Indeed! If everyone who reads this blog made an effort each and every day to use their thoughts and words to send forth love and encouragement and positive energy, then those waves of love could truly change the face of the Earth. We do not know our own power…


  2. Alex Jones

    Kindness is contagious. Words are powerful when used with wisdom to achieve a specific outcome.


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