Don’t Idolise, Emulate

How we perceive the world will shape our experience of life. If we perceive it negatively, life will be negative. If we perceive it with a positive light, we will experience life in a positive way. These are elemental universal laws.

If we spend our time idolising stars, people with status, or blindly follow some Guru we will get left behind. Sitting on the couch idolising someone is no way to spend our days. But if one try’s to emulate someone who has achieved great things, be it in sports, politics, religious or spiritual matters or anything else. This is something we can all aspire to.

Think how amazing it will feel to spend the rest of your life aiming high and achieving greatness. And there is no waiting around. To emulate someone and be the best you can be starts now, this very day. If we wait for circumstances to be ‘better’ or ‘right’ we will never begin.

So get out of your armchair, plan you evening once you have finished work, take some time in your lunch break. But most importantly stop making excuses and idolising. The best feeling in the world is that of achievement. Achieving something you have set as a goal in the near or distant future will never get boring. Today is the only day you will ever experience, tomorrow never arrives. Always today, so start now!



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3 responses to “Don’t Idolise, Emulate

  1. Alex Jones

    Well said, idolisation is another aspect of egotism, a mind trap.


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