For every circumstance there is a corresponding attitude toward that circumstance.

I will not list the various circumstances as this will be time consuming and unnecessary. But, for you, an individual, in the surroundings you find yourself right now will have a circumstance, and an attitude towards it.

Ask yourself. ‘What would be easier?’ To change my circumstances; job, home, relationship status, health, fitness etc.. Or to change my attitude. If you think sincerely to yourself without a hint of deceit you will realise that it is your attitude that is important!

And luckily for you and me and everyone else alive today, it is a relatively simple thing to change ones attitude. Far simpler than the time and effort it will take to recreate ones whole life.

In essence it is as simple as the phrase one would say to a small child; ‘turn that frown upside down.’ Be aware that conditions are fleeting, ephemeral and can change at any moment. Develop an optimistic outlook and know that things will improve, if that’s what you want of course.



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2 responses to “Attitude

  1. Alex Jones

    No flower grows well in poison or infertile soil. This soil is the mind, so negativity or toxic thinking kills any hope of positive outcomes in life.


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