10,000 hours

10,000 hours, or the equivalent of seven to ten years depending on intensity. According to research this seems to be the amount of quality time required to reach a high level of skill and can be applied to all areas of life. Composers, chess players, athletes, learning skill sets, and the like can all be seen in the light of this rule of 10,000 hours.

The number has something about it, especially when you think about what it entails to do just one thing for that amount of time. It has a magical or mystical resonance to it. It means that so much time- no matter the person or the field- leads to a qualitative change in the human brain.

The reason why all of us cannot reach this magic number which would lead to mastery of a thing, is the amount of effort required. To stick with one particular thing in this day and age is very rare, people seem to have attention fleeting from this thing to that thing, in a matter of minutes and hours. Add to thins the amount of resistance that one would come up against and it is very clear to see why there are so few masters living today!

To sum up: Concentrated practice over time cannot fail but produce results. This will only be significant to the minority, those of us who wish to achieve, and who aspire to evolve and be great. But, there is no reason why this cannot be realised this very day. Begin today. Become the perfect you!

You cannot produce anything worthwhile in this world unless you have first developed and transformed yourself!



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2 responses to “10,000 hours

  1. Alex Jones

    417 days of non-stop practice. Focus and passion opens doors to greatness.


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