Paramhansa Yogananda

I have arrived home safely and enjoyed my time away in the sun with my family and reading companion. This post is simply to summarise my impression of the autobiography of Yogananda.

I see from several of the comments that many of you have read the book, and others are interested to know what its about.

Yogananda was a Yogi, a Swami and a Guru. Yogananda was a great man and made many efforts to better the lives of others. But I like to remember that at the beginning of his life, he was a small child, growing up with his parents and brothers and sisters like many of us would have. It was only through the progress of time, and his interest in ‘something else’, ‘something higher’ that he got to where he was when he passed on.

I wont be sharing all of the wonderful stories as some of them are beyond the scope of this blog. These stories I will leave for you to find for yourself if you ever read the book. But many ideas and stories are within the scope of this blog.

Also, I have revised the ‘About’ page for those of you who care to read it. And please don’t think that the blog is going to turn into a Yogananda tribute page. I simply feel there is much benefit to be gained from his world. Take care, and have a good day!


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