Improbable Phenomena

A quote one could find, if they were looking in Yoganandas autobiography is as follows. It describes the advances in technology, and the phenomena which will become common place as the passage of time continues ever onwards. It urges us to open our eyes, hearts and minds in order to see things as they truly are:

“Very strange, very wonderful, seemingly very improbable phenomena may yet appear which, when once established, will not astonish us more than we are now astonished at all that science has taught us during the last century. It is assumed that the phenomena which we now accept without surprise, do not excite our astonishment because they are understood. But this is not the case. If they do not surprise us it is not because they are understood, it is because they are familiar; for if that which is not understood ought to surprise us, we should be surprised at everything- the fall of a stone thrown into the air, the acorn which becomes an oak, mercury which expands when it is heated, iron attracted by a magnet, phosphorus which burns when it is rubbed… The science of today is a light matter; the revolutions and evolutions which it will experience in a hundred thousand years will far exceed the most daring anticipations. The truths- those surprising, amazing, unforeseen truths- which our descendants will discover, are even now all around us, staring us in the eyes, so to speak, and yet we do not see them. But it is not enough to say that we do not see them; we do not wish to see them; for as soon as an unexpected and unfamiliar fact appears, we try to fit it into the framework of the commonplaces of acquired knowledge, and we are indignant that anyone should dare to experiment further.”

Charles Robert Richet, Nobel Prizeman in physiology

Do we wish to see these unforeseen truths? Or do we have blinkers on which keep us blinded to what is happening all around us?

How exciting are the times in which we are living? I am communicating with you with relative ease. Information is available in an instant, even quicker than that..

We must create a new framework of what exists and of what is possible. The power of the mind; great men who have existed and will come to exist; the stars and their effects on mankind; the positive benefits of faith, prayer and meditation to name but a few.

Yogananda helps us to see things clearer, if we choose to accept the challenge of course. Alternatively we can tighten our blinkers and continue to live in the dark. I know which I prefer. Now for you to choose…



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2 responses to “Improbable Phenomena

  1. Alex Jones

    When I speak of artificial intelligence I encounter so much fear, which is a shame for AI would be so liberating for humanity.


    • It’s strange that you would associate it with fear. I haven’t thought to much about AI, but the natural phenomena that will be brought into world consciousness in the next 30-40 years is exciting. The wonderful thing is, that what we do now, will have a huge effect on the times to come!
      Thanx for commenting Alex! 🙂


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