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Man is a Marionette


“Gokarna says in the Shrimadbhagwatan: ‘This body is only flesh and bones; cease to be attached to it.’
This body is the vehicle and the Atman (Spirit) is the rider. Treat the rider separately from the vehicle. It is not easy to do so. It requires years of practice. We practice by thinking this is God’s property, not ours. The mind is God’s property, not ours; everything is Gods, and nothing is ours. In this way we free ourselves from all attachments, all constraints. Again, this concept is difficult for those who think that ‘I’ is the physical body.

A mahatma wished to live in complete solitude, in order that he could meditate undisturbed at all times. He recounted his wish to a rich man. The rich man had an isolated resthouse deep in the forest, rarely visited by mankind. He offered the resthouse to the Mahatma, and in addition provided a young servant to look after his comforts.
The young servant looked after his master so well that his heart was moved. He asked the young servant if he was content with his life, and if he could do anything to bring him happiness. The young man replied that he himself was content and happy, but he was afraid that his dead father had not achieved Self-Realisation as he was frequently appearing in his dreams. He asked the Mahatma for a remedy.
During the ensuing nights, the Mahatma was haunted by the problem of the young man’s father. One evening, the boy went to a neighbouring village to attend a marriage feast, telling the Mahatma that he would not return until the following morning. So the Mahatma locked up the house and went to bed. Now, the young servants bed was beside that of the Mahatma and lay empty. The mahatma’a mind was filled with the thoughts about the young mans father, and the failure to achieve Self-Realisation. He was quite unable to sleep in peace.
The marriage feast was over by midnight, so the boy returned to the house immediately instead of waiting until the morning. In the darkness he thought that the occupant must be the boy’s father (who had be haunting his son’s dreams because he had not achieved Self-Realisation). He recited holy mantras and sprinkled blessed water over the body, but the boy did not wake up as he was in so deep a sleep. Now the Mahatma became frightened out of his wits. He opened the window and jumped out in order to get away. In his haste he fell over with a heavy thud. The noise awakened the young servant. He chased after the Mahatma with a heavy staff thinking that he was a burglar escaping. Eventually they recognised each other before many blows were sustained, and the misunderstanding was cleared up.

In such a way, just a momentary thought stealing unconsciously into the mind, will make its home there; then it appears later at some inopportune moment to cause much mischief. Reels and reels of such thoughts from thousands of years (in many lifetimes) are lying imprinted in our minds. They will not let us have peace, unless we develop the same attachment towards God as we have towards the world.
Our desires (wishes) are like so many strings that pull us towards the world. (Mr Ouspensky: ‘man is a marionette pulled by invisible strings.’)
Let this pull be towards God, Instead of towards the world. The method is to think (see) that everything, including one’s physical body and mind, belongs to God. Whatever actions we do, including eating, drinking, reading, writing and looking after our duties, should all be dedicated to God.”

~ The Orange Book



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Good and Evil

“God is coaxing man with a limitless exhibition of good happenings to influence him for his own highest welfare. Satan is tempting man with deceptive contrivances that are pleasant-looking and promise happiness, but after a little evanescent pleasure give evil consequences instead.
Man stands in the middle between God and Satan, each ready to pull him in whichever direction he wishes to go. Satan is on the left side with his kingdom of misery cloaked in ostentation, and God is on the right side with His kingdom of happiness bathed in eternal light. It is up to man to signal to God or Satan as to which direction he wants to be pulled. Man is perfectly free to act, controlled neither by God nor Satan. Whenever he initiates good actions, or has a pure, ennobling though, that is the signal to God; and he is automatically pulled toward God, toward a paradise of Bliss hidden in the womb of eternal futurity. But as soon as man thinks or acts in accord with evil, he is automatically pulled toward Satan, toward entanglement in the realm of misery-making dualities.
When man succumbs to temptation, or is angry, or jealous, or selfish, or greedy, or revengeful, or restless, he has accepted Satan’s invitation to come to his side. When man is master of himself- moderate, calm, understanding, unselfish, forgiving, practicing meditation- he is inviting God to help him.”

~ Paramhansa Yogananda.

It is clear from the above quote that the choice is most definitely down to the individual. We have a level of free will and are able to make certain choices throughout our lives which shape our days.

Happy or sad, restless or calm, greedy or generous, it is a choice which must be made. It is all too easy to blame our outlook on life on external circumstances and surroundings but we are free to make the choices that are necessary to turn our lives around.

Begin today, right this second to turn the – into a + and reap the benefits that come with this choice. Whether you are religious or not, God and Satan can simply be taken as the principle of positive and negative in their greatest capacity. I know which one I choose and try to spend my days in good actions and ennobling thoughts which enrich my life no end.

If you look very closely, and spend a few minutes of careful introspection looking deep inside yourself you will find the answer that you are looking for. Good or Bad, its up to you!

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Truth from East and West

“Truth, in and of itself , is the ultimate ‘religion.’ Though truth can be expressed in different ways by sectarian ‘isms,’ it can never be exhausted by them. It has infinite manifestations and ramifications, but one consummation: Enlightenment, Awakening, Gnosis. Experience of the sole reality.
The human stamp of sectarian affiliation is of little meaning. It is not the religious denomination in which ones name is registered, nor the culture or creed in which one was born, that gives salvation. The essence of truth goes beyond all outer form.
The great teachings and truths of all the ages is living and thriving in both East and West. The West has concentrated on perfecting the physical conditions of man, and the East on developing the spiritual potentials of man. Both East and West are one sided. Granted, the East is not practical enough; but the West is too practical to be spiritually practical! That is why I advocate a harmonious union of the two; they need each other. Without spiritual idealism, material practicality is the harbinger of selfishness, sin, competition, and wars. This is a lesson for the West to learn. And unless idealism is tempered with practicality, there is confusion and suffering and lack of natural progress. This is the lesson to be learned by the East.
The East can learn from the West, and the West can learn from the East. It is not strange that, perhaps due to God’s secret plan, since the East need material development, it was invaded by Western material civilisation? and since the West need spiritual balance, it had been silently and surely ‘invaded’ by Hindu philosophy, not to conquer lands but to conquer souls with the liberation of God-realization.
We are all children of God, from our inception unto eternity. Differences come from prejudices, and prejudice is the child of all ignorance. We should not proudly identify ourselves as Americans, British, Indians or Italians or any other nationality, for that is but an accident of birth. Above all else, we should be proud that we are children of God, made in His image. Is not that the message of the Christ?”

~Paramhansa Yogananda.

I am unable to add anything more. All is said in the above. What I will say is Yogananda has opened up a new world for me, one which I new was there but not fully aware of. I hope you enjoy. If you enjoy, please share with others who may also.

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It has been some time now since I have posted, but reading the words of Yogananda have inspired me to share.

“Vibrations of other people can be received by an exchange of magnetism. One who comes near a holy person will be benefited; this is baptism by spiritual magnetism. The saints thoughts and magnetic aura cast out a vibratory glow that changes the consciousness and brain cells who come within range. All who visit or live on the same grounds where a master lives or has lived will automatically be transformed if they are in tune. If that attunement is deep enough, even from thousands of miles away a holy person’s uplifting vibrations can be received.
If one loves poetry and is much in the company of a poet of noble ideals, one will be baptised with wholesome elevated feelings and the appreciation of the goodness and beauty in everything. Such baptism by feeling makes one aesthetically imaginative and sympathetic.
If one associates long with persons of high morality and self-control, ones own life will feel positive reinforcement of moral consciousness and self-control.
If purposely and attentively one associates with successful creative minds, the consciousness will be baptised with a creative business sense.”

~Paramhansa Yogananda

This is of course a two way process. We receive vibrations from others and we also send vibrations from ourselves to them. We can be aware of this in extremes when someone is very anxious, or down, sometimes maybe overjoyed or peaceful. But in its medium range we cannot sense what is going on within their inner life.
Great men of all generations have set examples for us, benchmarks to aim for if one is aware and interested. How would it have been to experience these great ones presence.

There is an NLP technique called re-framing where the individual imagines them self at some point in the future having acquired certain virtues. This can be done today, right now. Just imagine vividly where you would like to get to. Be it in the spiritual world, the world of business, family, schooling. Imagine yourself where you are heading and continue to make daily efforts to reach these goals.

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